15 Kitchen & Pastry Gift Ideas

Kitchen and pastry gift ideas - Lilie Bakery

Are you looking for gift ideas to spoil your loved ones at Christmas? It is sometimes very complicated to find what to offer… This year, I will give you a little help with this list of gift ideas for cooking and baking fans, all at less than 100 € !

These are utensils, equipment and ingredients that will really serve them: useful everyday gifts ! I use most of it personally in my kitchen, and I'm really happy with it. Below, the direct links of each of the gift ideas on my photo:

1.Large oval cast iron casserole dish 30cm : cast-iron casseroles are often very expensive, but this is not the case with this one, it allows you to prepare good little simmered dishes, it's perfect in autumn-winter!

2.Silkomart log mold with 2 mats : the must of the must in terms of log mold, I have this mold and I love it. Never any demoulding problem and in addition 2 exterior finishes for your logs.

3.A beautiful 28cm GreenPan ceramic pan : I love this brand, and this pan is perfect for cooking with a minimum of fat, without catching. Real quality material.

4.A springform mold with Téfal recuperator : one of my favorite mussels! Very resistant, it does not deform. It is very light, and has a collecting base if the liquid flows from the mold (for cheesecakes for example it is very practical).

5.A kitchen scale accurate to the gram : my best buy of 2021, it is ultra precise so perfect for baking. In addition it is a very small price ...

6.A flat beater with scraper for your KitchenAid food processor: the essential accessory for any owner of a KitchenAid food processor. It allows you to mix and scrape the edges at the same time: no need to stop the robot and do it manually.

7.Gobel tinplate mold : Made in France for this tin mold which ensures perfect rising of the madeleines. I only use him!

8.A powerful Bosch hand mixer : ideal for whipping egg whites or whipped cream when you have small quantities or do not yet have a pastry robot!

9.Quality white chocolate 1kg from Valrhona : it is white chocolate that I recommend all year round because it is not very sweet, and even comparing the price with that of the supermarket the difference is not huge. All the more reason to fall for it! Perfect for your logs and desserts.

10.Dark chocolate lightly bodied 66% 1kg Valrhona : you will love its slightly full-bodied aroma but not too bitter either. It is delicious in all your chocolate recipes! Its price is also not excessive compared to large-scale chocolate ...

11.A Silkomart tree-shaped log and cake pan : 2 in 1 for this mold which allows you to make a pretty 3D log in a pine forest style or a very soft cake… A very good brand that I recommend to you with your eyes closed.

12.A FriFri waffle iron with removable plates : it is from my point of view the best brand of waffle iron (it is Belgian moreover). We succeed them to perfection, and we can change the plates according to our preparations: croques-monsieur, Liège or Brussels waffles ...

13.A set of knives with base and sharpener : perfect for all cooks, with this set of knives and their sharpener you will have everything at hand (several colors available)

14.A kit of pastry nozzles : perfect for making pretty decorations with a pastry bag, while varying the designs ...

15.A probe cooking thermometer : it is really a useful purchase when making homemade pastries, but also to ensure that the meat is properly cooked. What is more, a long-lasting purchase ...

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