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Finally ! I was finally able to make a gingerbread house! It's not for lack of having wanted to for several years, it's more a question of timing. To be honest, I got help! For lack of elf available, I called Wilton, the American brand of pastry utensils. Do you know that she sells a kit to make her house? On this date, it is out of stock on all pastry e-shops of course, a victim of its success :)

The kit includes the gingerbread cookies (which smell divinely good) pre-cut to the right dimensions, royal icing, a pastry bag with the adapted round nozzle, candies to decorate.

I don't mind using the cookies provided and not baking them myself: I don't plan to eat the house, it will just serve as a decorative element for the Christmas period. This prevents me from wasting ingredients.

However, I have a caveat to the icing provided. It turns out that I didn't like its texture at all, which is difficult to work with. So I preferred to make mine, which is much easier to use. I give you the recipe below.

For the assembly of the house, we start by gluing the walls together, then pose the two roof sections, then decorating with a pastry bag and placing the candies.

A nice activity to do at home during the month of December, it will give you a little touch of festive decoration as a bonus :)

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For you to note!

Royal icing (for Christmas gingerbread house)

The ideal texture to build and decorate your gingerbread house
Preparation10 min
Total10 min
Recipe type: Desserts
Kitchen room: American, French
Quantity: 1 bowl


  • 430 g icing sugar
  • 2,5 tbsp meringue powder meringue powder
  • 60 ml water


  • In a container, combine the icing sugar and meringue powder.
  • Add water and mix with a fork until you get a sticky texture.
  • If the texture is too liquid, add icing sugar, if it is too thick, add water.
  • Fill a pastry bag fitted with a very small round or fluted tip.
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[ Equipment used ]

WILTON Gingerbread House Kit

WILTON Meringue Powder

January 20 2016



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    20th December 2015

    She's pretty like your whole house!

  2. Reply


    20th December 2015

    There is only one word to say: sublime! Kisses

  3. Reply

    Céline / A bee in the kitchen

    20th December 2015

    It is super beautiful this little house, bravo!

  4. Reply

    Lemon June

    21th December 2015

    WOW! Magnificent !!!

  5. Reply

    small kitchen

    21th December 2015

    Oh how pretty!

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    22th December 2015

    That's wonderful !!

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    January 14 2016

    It is really pretty this house.

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    January 21 2016

    where to find these pretty presentation dishes?

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      January 26 2016

      There are some on the Rosecaramelle site in particular :)

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        January 31 2016

        Thank you very much :)

  9. Reply

    Sweetdaddy @ blog Sweetdaddy

    January 27 2016

    The irregularity of the roof lets me think that it is handmade for this part, it must take a bit long to do all these little dots ... But it looks good;)


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