What to do with egg yolks ?

What to do with egg yolks - Lilie Bakery

You used egg whites in a recipe and you still have egg yolks? You don't want to throw them away and you wonder: What to do with egg yolks ?

Below are 15 recipes for using your egg yolks in the kitchen. These recipes are categorized by the amount of egg yolks to be used.

What is the role of the egg yolk?

The egg yolk has several roles: in general, the egg yolk will bind a dough, give it texture. In a cake batter, for example, the egg yolk adds fat and therefore soft additional. The egg yolk also has a role ofthickening when heated in a cream.

How to store egg yolk?

Do not delay consuming it, it is very important from a health point of view. If your egg yolks are intact, place them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It is essential to use them within 24 hours. To prevent the egg yolks from drying out, cover them with a thin layer of water.

What to do with 1 egg yolk?

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
4.74 on 45 votes
Gluten-free but 100% delicious cookies with their large chocolate chips and very soft texture...
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Recipe Gluten-free cookies - Lilie Bakery
Norman apple pie
4.61 on 28 votes
A gourmet and tasty tart made in Normandy! We love its tender apples and its creamy texture ...
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Norman apple pie - Lilie Bakery
Smarties cookies, the easy recipe
4.71 on 37 votes
To delight young and old ...
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Smartie cookies recipe - Lilie Bakery

What to do with 2 egg yolks?

Cannelés Bordelais, The Easy Recipe
4.50 on 2 votes
Delicious small cannelés for breakfast and afternoon tea!
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Bordeaux cannelés recipe - Lilie Bakery
Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Curd and Crunchy Meringues
5 on 1 vote
A deliciously lemon-flavored cheesecake, adorned with small meringues ...
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Lemon cheesecake - Lilie Bakery
Vanilla Caramel Pecan Nut Log
4.65 on 503 votes
An easy and delicious Yule log recipe for the holidays. With its creamy vanilla, its heart of caramel, its crunchy pecans and its chocolate base… It will please all your guests!
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Vanilla white chocolate and caramel yule log recipe - Lilie Bakery

What to do with 3 egg yolks?

Asparagus, Ricotta, Parmesan Tart
4.50 on 8 votes
A seasonal green asparagus tart, garnished with ricotta, lemon and parmesan
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Asparagus ricotta parmesan tart - Lilie Bakery
Palet Breton, The Traditional Recipe
5 on 4 votes
Emblematic of Brittany: Breton pucks with a shortbread and delicious texture with a good taste of butter, with a touch of salt…
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Breton Palet - Lilie Bakery
Raspberry Mascarpone & Palet Breton Tart
4.71 on 51 votes
The pleasure of a fruity tart, a creamy vanilla icing and a crunchy cookie
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Raspberry mascarpone and Breton palet tart - Lilie Bakery
Strawberry Pistachio Tart On Breton Palet
4.70 on 10 votes
The perfect seasonal pairing in a simple tart!
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Strawberry pistachio pie recipe - lilie bakery
Rhubarb Tart with Vanilla Cream on Palet Breton
5 on 4 votes
The fruity tart of sunny days with its smooth cream ...
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Breton vanilla rhubarb tart - Lilie Bakery
Bavarian Pear Chocolate on Crunchy Speculoos
4.53 on 139 votes
Creamy and melting, ideal to enhance the pear-chocolate duo at dessert time
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Bavarois Pear-Chocolate on Crunchy Speculoos | Lilie bakery 2

What to do with 4 egg yolks?

Mocaccino Ice Cream (Coffee-Chocolate)
For coffee lovers at dessert time ...
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Christmas Eggnog (Eggnog)
4.84 on 6 votes
A creamy drink flavored with spices. A real delight to enjoy as it is or with whipped cream for even more indulgence!
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Eggnog eggnog recipe - Lilie Bakery

What to do with 5 egg yolks?

Raspberry Nougat Frozen Perfect
4.75 on 8 votes
A very gourmet frozen dessert garnished with raspberries and crunchy pieces of nougat ...
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Perfect frozen raspberry nougat - Lilie Bakery

What to do with 8 egg yolks?

Catalan Cream, The Easy Recipe
4.44 on 16 votes
Creamy Catalan creams with a thin layer of crunchy caramel…
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Catalan cream recipe - Lilie Bakery

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    Hello, your recipes are really tempting, both to make and to taste. I have a question, when you indicate in the ingredients for example "0,5 cc", the measure is expressed in teaspoons?

    Thank you for these wonderful recipes and these beautiful photos.

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      Hello Muriel, thank you! Yes, cc = teaspoon and cs = tablespoon. Goodbye :)