Bundt cake with orange & icing

Orange Bundt Cake - Lilie Bakery

Orange Bundt Cake - Lilie Bakery

Orange Bundt Cake - Lilie Bakery

Orange Bundt Cake - Lilie Bakery

I'm not telling you anything if I tell you that we are right in the peak citrus season, are we? The other day, in the market I came across these pretty organic oranges, I wanted to use them, not for juice, but in cake for breakfast and snack. Originally, these beautiful oranges were supposed to be blood oranges - but I soon found that I should do without their beautiful red color! It doesn't change much to my recipe, you can use either classic oranges or blood oranges. So I decided to realize this Orange Bundt Cake & Orange Icing, the icing is a little extra that makes it even softer and more fragrant (even if this bundt cake is already a lot). 

And then, I inaugurated my pretty bundt cake mold unearthed not long ago - I say “unearthed” because I was looking for a bundt cake mold that does not feed 20 people! - I'm exaggerating, but it's a bit the case with Bundt cake molds. For my little family, a "small" mold was therefore perfect for me. The advantage with the cake molds of this brand is that it is almost impossible to miss the baking and the final design of the cake is sure to be superb. And then, this golden mold is gorgeous, I don't want to hide it, rather display it in my kitchen, take a look !

Back to the recipe, as I told you, this bundt cake is very fragrant (juice + orange zest), it is particularly soft. I kept it in a cover for several days and it keeps very well, perfect to accompany my morning coffee;)

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Bundt cake with orange & icing

The breakfast treat ... afternoon tea
Preparation20 min
Baking30 min
Quantity: 8


  • 120 ml freshly squeezed organic orange juice
  • 1,5 tbsp of organic orange zest
  • 3 eggs room temperature
  • 150 g softened butter
  • 190 g flour
  • 180 g brown sugar
  • 3/4 cc baking powder
  • 3/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 this salt
  • 3/4 cc natural vanilla extract
  • +
  • 125 g icing sugar
  • 4 cs or more freshly squeezed organic orange juice


  • Preheat the oven to 175 ° traditional heat.
  • Mix the dry ingredients together (flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt) then add the softened butter little by little, the texture will be crumbly.
  • Apart from mixing the eggs, orange juice, zest and vanilla. Then gradually incorporate this mixture into the previous mixture. Mix until you get a smooth and homogeneous consistency.
  • Pour into the bundt cake mold (see material at the bottom of the article) beforehand buttered. Do not fill more than 3/4 in height otherwise overflow.
  • Bake for 25-30 minutes, check the doneness using a wooden pick. Let cool then turn the cake on a wire rack to cool completely.
  • Prepare the icing by mixing the icing sugar and orange juice until you get the desired consistency (more or less juice). Pour over the cake.


Use oranges or blood oranges according to your taste.
Store in a bell at room temperature for several days.
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Bundt lotus
Cloche gâteau
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Bundt lotus
Cloche gâteau
Robot pâtissier artisan ivoire 4,8L
Râpe Microplane
Moule bundt heritage
Bundt lotus
Cloche gâteau
Robot pâtissier artisan ivoire 4,8L
Râpe Microplane
Moule bundt heritage



  1. Reply


    16th February 2018

    Hello Aurélie,
    I'm going to try this cake, the last time I made an orange cake it was bitter! I do not know why ?
    Is there bitterness in your cake too?
    Good day to you

  2. Reply


    16th February 2018

    Hello, thank you for this timely recipe, given that this afternoon I just received a basket of organic fruits including a sachet of oranges! So I just ordered your lovely mold, and to my asap stove :-)

  3. Reply


    16th February 2018

    Hello Aurélie, I have the large Nordic Ware mold and I confirm it is a bit large Can I ask you where you bought your cake stand? He is magnificent. Superb photos as always, and the recipe is tempting ...

  4. Reply


    17th February 2018

    Tested approved !! it is really very good On the other hand I made it in a kougloff mold so I had a result a little more cake texture than yours I think or it is that I put a little too much yeast or baking soda I do not know ... and it cooked a little more, anyway thank you for this nice recipe

  5. Reply


    19th February 2018

    It is very beautiful your bundt cake.

  6. Reply


    23th February 2018

    Magnificent ! Your mold was successful because it is out of stock on amazon ;-) is it enough to butter it so that the cake turns out as well? Or did you also put flour?

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      28th February 2018

      Hello Mélanie, the mold is back in stock :) I personally buttered, that's enough, but flouring more can only be better!

  7. Reply


    March 22, 2018

    Hello Aurélie,
    Do you think it is possible to replace orange juice with lemon?

    Thank you and good afternoon to you

  8. Reply


    18th December 2019

    Can we use passion juice instead of orange juice?
    I prefer exotic fruits :)

  9. Reply


    13th December 2022

    5 stars
    This cake is marvellous, everyone loved it… its flavor is subtle and its texture very delicious!
    Your recipes are amazing! Thanks

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      14th December 2022

      Thank you very much for your feedback Dinou! I'm really happy that you like it. It's citrus season, you're right to take advantage of it! Goodbye :)

  10. Reply


    24th January 2023

    5 stars

    I just tried your recipe and it was a success. A real treat. Thanks
    PS: I slightly reduced the sugar.


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