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  • Magic Chocolate Cake

    Easy chocolate magic cake - Lilie Bakery

    A dessert as surprising as it is easy: the Magic Chocolate Cake! A single dough for 3 textures created during cooking:…

  • Raspberry Financier

    Raspberry financier - Lilie Bakery

    A family cake full of sweetness: the Raspberry Financier! With its good almond flavor and pieces of fruit, it is prepared…

  • Rhubarb Clafoutis

    Rhubarb clafoutis recipe - Lilie Bakery

    An easy and seasonal dessert: rhubarb clafoutis! Very tender pieces of rhubarb, a light clafoutis dough with a…

  • Strawberry Charlotte

    Easy strawberry charlotte - Lilie Bakery

    A fruity and light spring dessert: strawberry Charlotte! A light strawberry mousse accompanied by pieces of gariguette strawberries,…

  • Easter cake

    Easter cake - Lilie Bakery

    A chocolate Easter dessert: Easter Cake! We love its soft texture accompanied by a creamy chocolate ganache….

  • Basque Cheesecake

    Basque cheesecake - Lilie Bakery

    A sweet and creamy dessert: Basque Cheesecake or “burnt cheesecake”! Under its slightly caramelized brown crust, a heart of creamy cheesecake,…

  • Neapolitan

    Neapolitan recipe - Lilie Bakery

    A classic childhood snack: the Neapolitan! Homemade with vanilla and cocoa sponge cakes, fine chocolate ganache, and…