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Pies & Tarts

  • Pasteis De Nata

    Pasteis de nata - Lilie Bakery

    A very gourmet pastry, emblem of Portugal: Pasteis de nata! Small flans with lightly caramelized eggs with their puff pastry…

  • Apple Pie

    Recipe apple pie apple pie - Lilie Bakery

    A very comforting apple-based dessert: the Apple pie! A gourmet pie decorated with crosses of pastry that contains apples…

  • Mirabelle plum tart

    Mirabelle plum tart - Lilie Bakery

    An easy and seasonal recipe: the express Mirabelle plum tart! Only 5 ingredients needed to make this fruity and melt-in-the-mouth dessert...

  • Blueberry pie

    Blueberry tart - Lilie Bakery

    A simple and seasonal recipe, let yourself be tempted by this blueberry tart! A fruit-filled dessert on a crunchy shortcrust pastry…

  • White Cheese Pie

    Cottage cheese tart - Lilie Bakery

    A gourmet recipe full of sweetness: cottage cheese tart served with its red fruit coulis. A thick pie with…