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Verrines & Ramekins

  • Lemon Mousse

    Lemon mousse - Lilie Bakery

    A simple and easy-to-prepare glass dessert: Lemon Mousse! Light and airy, a mascarpone mousse accompanied by…

  • Liège chocolate

    Liège chocolate recipe - Lilie Bakery

    An easy and comforting dessert: Liège Chocolate! Dip your spoon into this melting chocolate cream (without eggs) and its whipped cream…

  • Tiramisu Speculoos

    Tiramisu speculoos recipe - Lilie Bakery

    A delicious, no-cook dessert: Tiramisu speculoos! A rich taste, a melting texture for this mascarpone tiramisu with speculoos biscuits…

  • Strawberry Tiramisu

    Easy strawberry tiramisu - Lilie Bakery

    A fresh and fruity dessert for the summer season: the Strawberry Mascarpone Tiramisu! An ultra-gourmet recipe without cooking with a delicious…

  • Peach Melba

    Peach melba - Lilie Bakery

    Two seasonal fruits combined in a fresh and gourmet dessert: Peach Melba! Perfect for sunny days with its ice cream…