Panna Cotta Chocolate & Chocolate Ganache

Panna cotta chocolate recipe - Lilie Bakery

An easy dessert to make: Panna cotta chocolate ! We love their double texture. Melting panna cotta and their gourmet chocolate ganache, all sprinkled with praline chips.

If you want a change from the classic vanilla panna cotta, I think this recipe should please you! Inside these panna cotta, a mixture of cream and pastry milk chocolate. To accentuate the chocolatey taste, I added a dark chocolate ganache on top ...

Their realization is really very simple (and fast) and does not require special utensils.

What ingredients for this recipe?

Only 6 ingredients for this chocolate panna cotta recipe! In addition, these are ingredients that you certainly already have at home ...

Pastry milk chocolate : it is used here melted in the cream. You can, if you prefer, substitute it with dark chocolate for a more full-bodied version ...

Liquid cream : only whole at 30% mg. It is the fat it contains that gives panna cotta their smoothness. It is used in panna cotta and ganache.

Granulated sugar : you will need little for this recipe. Adjust the amount according to your taste.

Gelatin : This is what makes the panna cotta hold together in a soft texture. It can be replaced by agar-agar, in this case, look closely at the dosage recommended on the packaging.

Dark chocolate pastry : It is used to make the chocolate ganache. We want it classic (not very full-bodied).

Praline : it's optional but I love it! It adds crunch and it's delicious.

How to make these chocolate panna cotta?

First, the gelatin is softened. In a saucepan, heat the ingredients for the panna cotta : milk chocolate, cream, sugar so that they melt. Add the drained gelatin, before pouring everything into dessert glasses.

The size of the glasses used for this recipe is classic. You can see it in my photo. It is sufficient from my point of view for this type of dessert.

Once the panna cotta has cooled down for several hours, add the ganache on top. To make it, we simply melt the dark chocolate and the cream. Then we add praline, and place in the refrigerator until tasting.

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Panna cotta chocolate recipe - Lilie Bakery
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Panna Cotta Chocolate & Chocolate Ganache

Creamy and delicious, impossible to resist ...
Prep time25 minutes
Cook time5 minutes
Total30 minutes
Recipe type: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: French, Italian
Yield: 4 glasses


panna cotta

  • 2 gelatin sheets
  • 100 g pastry milk chocolate or black
  • 50 cl whole liquid cream 30% mg
  • 20 g granulated sugar


  • 90 g dark chocolate pastry
  • 10 cl whole liquid cream 30% mg
  • A little praline for the decoration


  • Soften the gelatin sheets in cold water.
  • During this time, heat the pastry milk chocolate, the liquid cream and the powdered sugar until a smooth cream is obtained.
  • Off the heat, add the drained gelatin, mix well.
  • Pass the cream through a Chinese to remove any possible deposit.
  • Pour the cream into the glasses and refrigerate for at least 4 hours for the gelatin to take effect (overnight is even better).
  • Prepare the chocolate ganache by melting the dark pastry chocolate and the liquid cream. Mix well and pour gently over the panna cotta.
  • Sprinkle the glasses with pieces of hazelnuts or almonds, for me it was praline (which adds a crunchy side). Put back in the fridge so that the ganache hardens a little.


Store in the refrigerator.
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August 22, 2012



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    Very pretty your panna-cotta. :)

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    very beautiful your pannacotta, what a beautiful color with the chocolate;)

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    Hmmm I'm a panna cotta fan ^^
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    I, who am not a fan of chocolate creams, will still be tempted by a teaspoon of your panna cotta!

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    A recipe to be tested urgently, a magnificent blog by the way. The photos are really all more sublime than the others ...


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