Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies

Peanut butter cookies - Lilie Bakery

Personalized Peanut butter and chocolate cookies : Impossible to resist! I suggest you easily make this batch of gourmet cookies at home. Moist and tasty thanks to peanut butter and chunky chocolate chunks. Deliciously addictive...

Le peanut butter and chocolate it's one of my favorite dessert combinations. These are such complementary flavors, right? Once you've tasted them, I'm sure you'll want to make them again!

What you'll love about these peanut butter cookies

  • flavors : in these cookies, we find the balance between the taste of peanut butter and that of dark chocolate.
  • Texture : the fluffy cookies are yours! When you bite into them, you really feel this comforting side thanks to the melting paste. The pieces of chocolate bring them a little crunch to the tasting.
  • Preparation time : You will only need a few minutes to prepare these peanut butter and chocolate cookies. This recipe does not require refrigeration before cooking, so you can enjoy them even faster, and that suits us well!
Peanut Butter Cookies - Lilie Bakery

What ingredients do you need to make the recipe?

I give you below the list of ingredients (the detailed quantities can be found in my recipe at the bottom of the page):

  • Light brown sugar : in cookies in general, I really like to use brown sugar, here too! Its caramel flavor is perfect for this recipe.
  • Butter : Soft, softened butter is used here. It adds fluffiness to the dough and allows the cookies to spread out on the baking sheet.
  • Peanut butter : for this recipe, I take peanut butter with pieces. It is easily found in supermarkets, spreads. The peanut pieces add a little crunch to the cookies.
  • Egg : we want a large egg for this recipe.
  • vanilla : I use liquid vanilla extract, it helps to enhance the other flavors.
  • Flour / Yeast : there is little flour in this recipe, just enough so that the cookies hold together well and are not dry, but rather soft.
  • Dark chocolate : I use dark pastry chocolate in tablets to be able to crush it coarsely. I recommend a rather full-bodied chocolate (about 60-65% cocoa).
Peanut butter cookie ingredient

My tips for successful peanut butter cookies

  • Measure the flour well : if there are too many, your cookies will be drier, that's a shame. I advise you to measure well using a scale.
  • Do not overmix the batter : once the flour and yeast have been added, the dough must be mixed as strictly as necessary. If you mix too much, the cookies will go flat. You can make this recipe at pastry robot or manually.
  • Do not cook more than necessary : even if the cookies still seem soft to you, it's normal, they harden as they cool on the baking tray out of the oven. It is therefore not necessary to extend the cooking time.

How to keep them?

These peanut butter and chocolate cookies keep very well at room temperature about 4-5 days if you put them in an airtight box. They will keep their softness. If not, you can prolong their lifespan in the fridge (up to 1 week), but they will get harder.

Chocolate peanut butter cookies - Lilie Bakery

Can you freeze cookie dough?

Unbaked cookie dough freezes very well ! That's good news, right? Once the balls of dough have formed, they are first placed on a plate and put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then, place them in a freezer bag and in the freezer.

With this technique, the cookie dough keeps up to 3 months. To cook them, there is no need to thaw them but the balls of dough are placed directly on a baking sheet, adding a few minutes of cooking in the oven compared to the basic recipe.

Chocolate peanut butter cookie recipe - Lilie Bakery

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If you make this recipe, don't hesitate to tag @liliebakery on Instagram so I can see your beautiful cookies!

Peanut butter cookies - Lilie Bakery
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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies

Very gourmet peanut butter cookies with their chocolate pieces! A quick and easy recipe to make…
Prep time20 minutes
Cook time15 minutes
Total35 minutes
Recipe type: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American, French
Keyword: cookies
Yield: 20 cookies


  • 150 g light brown sugar
  • 50 g softened butter
  • 60 g Peanut butter preferably with pieces
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 cc natural vanilla extract
  • 150 g all-purpose flour
  • 1 cc baking powder
  • 80 g dark chocolate pastry preferably full-bodied (about 60-65% cocoa)


  • Preheat the oven to 160 ° C traditional heat.
  • In a bowl, beat the brown sugar, softened butter and peanut butter until you get a creamy paste.
  • Add egg and vanilla. Mix well before incorporating the flour and baking powder. Do not mix more than necessary at this stage: just enough.
  • Coarsely chop the dark chocolate into large chunks. Add the crushed pieces to the batter (keep a few for decoration) and mix one last time.
  • Using a tablespoon, scoop out some dough and form small balls in the palm of your hands.
  • On a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, place the small balls of dough, spaced between them by 5-6 cm. You will need to make at least two batches to cook the set.
  • With your hand, lightly crush each ball of dough, so that it spreads out evenly during cooking. Add the remaining chocolate pieces on top.
  • Bake for 15 minutes at 160°C. Cookies should be lightly golden. Leave to cool on a baking sheet out of the oven then transfer to a wire rack until completely cooled.


The cookies keep very well for 4-5 days at room temperature in an airtight container or up to 1 week in the refrigerator.
Did you make this recipe?Tag @liliebakery on Instagram so I can see the result :)
14th January 2022



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    Hmmm I would take you a cookie !!!


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    December 27, 2010

    I love peanut butter cookies!
    *** Have a happy holiday season and see you soon!

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    31th October, 2013

    I tried your recipe and I want to say I was pleasantly surprised. I, who usually find peanut butter disgusting, well I a-do-re this version.
    Thank you and keep telling us about your culinary discoveries!

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      Lilie bakery

      7th November 2013

      Hello Fati and thank you for your little note! @ soon!

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    July 17, 2014

    Recipe tested and approved by my niece and myself, we love it!
    We are also going to start making pop cakes and I would like to place my first order at Féerie Cake, could you sponsor me?
    Thank you and bravo for your blog (the photos are just beautiful).

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    to carry out without worries on Saturday, to taste and to validate by head the family, too good we are always Saturday and there is more…
    thank you lilie

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    Maryne's corner

    16th October, 2015

    They are perfect ! Well I made them a little overcooked but the next round will be niquel! Thank you.

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      Lilie bakery

      20th October, 2015

      Thank you Maryne :)

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    Aline - Graphic Designer Illustrator

    19th June 2016

    Me who had just bought organic peanut butter!
    I will test your recipe this week!

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      Lilie bakery

      21th June 2016

      I love peanut butter (well, without teaspooning it either!) :)

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    24th November 2017

    Hello being one of your fans, I tested your cookies which are a killer everyone we loved a simple recipe but with so much flavor ...

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    September 21, 2018

    hello I have a quick question before making these cookies which have the taste so delicious should we freeze the dough first so that they do not spread too much in the baking? Thank you for your reply . ps: I love your site you have a great recipe thank you bcq

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    March 15, 2020

    Very good but for my taste too sweet, knowing that the chocolate already sugar ... so I'll cut back on the sugar next time.

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    Mathilde Majois

    March 19, 2020

    Hello, do cookies always seem soft when taken out of the oven? Also, should the dough have a very reliable texture as it did for me when forming the little balls? Thank you :)

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    April 4th

    I just made the extremely crumbly dough recipe, can someone tell me if this is also the case?
    Thanks to you I

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    15th November 2020

    5 stars
    Delicious cookies tested and validated! They are not at all disgusting, with the pieces of dark chocolate it's really great

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    2th June 2021

    5 stars
    These cookies are a real delight! My daughter is a huge fan of it! Come on, I'll make them again to taste it!
    Thank you bcp (I will publish on insta)

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      Lilie bakery

      3th June 2021

      Thanks Anne! I'm really happy that it appeals to young and old alike :)

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    August 2, 2021

    5 stars
    I wanted to try some peanut butter cookies and came across your recipe. Everyone who tasted it loved it.
    Thank you for sharing, I will try again by replacing the chocolate with m & m'S.

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      August 10, 2021

      Thank you very much for your feedback Charlotte! Very happy that you and your loved ones like them;)

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    4 stars
    Thanks for the recipe
    The cookies were excellent

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      Thank you very much Brigitte, see you soon :)

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    July 20, 2022

    5 stars
    A recipe that I never tire of making over and over again… I have tried other recipes but CQFD yours is the best… I put less sugar than expected and I mix flour and cornflour with a hint of baking soda and c is just perfect… Thank you

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      Lilie bakery

      July 21, 2022

      Thank you very much for your feedback Virginia! :)

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    3th January 2023

    5 stars
    I was able to test this text today!
    I just reversed the amounts of peanut butter and chocolate chunks and reduced the sugar, PERFECT!

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      Lilie bakery

      5th January 2023

      Thank you Marina! Glad you like them :)

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    5 stars
    Very good recipe, we loved it!

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      March 30, 2023

      Thanks Val for your feedback! See you soon :)

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    July 15, 2023

    5 stars
    Recipe adopted, they are tops, quick to make and the marriage of peanut butter and chocolate is sublime. Thank you for this delicious recipe

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      Lilie bakery

      July 24, 2023

      Thank you Crista for your feedback! Glad you like these cookies, see you soon ;)

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    July 28, 2023

    5 stars
    Excellent!!! I just reduced the amount of sugar. 80g for me is perfect!
    I'm going to do a tour very soon...

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      Lilie bakery

      August 5, 2023

      Thank you for your feedback Nadine, see you soon :)

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    August 31, 2023

    5 stars
    Sooo good. They are perfect just the way I like them. Crispy on the edges and soft inside. I put half the quantity of sugar, i.e. 75g. To do again without hesitation

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      September 2, 2023

      Thanks for your return ! See you soon :)

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    September 14, 2023

    5 stars
    I made this recipe yesterday (with 20g less sugar just in case) and I added small pieces of peanuts and it was delicious! :)

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      Lilie bakery

      September 15, 2023

      Thank you for your feedback Samantha! Good idea peanut pieces :) See you soon

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    September 16, 2023

    5 stars
    Recipe made today to finish off a jar of peanut butter that was lying around.
    The cookies are excellent!!!
    Thank you very much for this perfect recipe! There is nothing to change!

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      Lilie bakery

      September 22, 2023

      Thank you very much Eliane for your feedback on these cookies! See you soon :)

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    31th January 2024

    5 stars
    Finally a perfect recipe, soft cookies that I like.
    Thank you very much !!

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      Lilie bakery

      1th February 2024

      Thank you Charlotte for your feedback! See you soon :)

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    4th February 2024

    5 stars
    Hello, big cookie lover, I am won over by this delicious recipe. I added peanuts and added less sugar, 80g. Perfection. The soft texture is great! I keep the recipe carefully

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      Lilie bakery

      5th February 2024

      Hello Lilia, thank you very much for your feedback! See you soon :)

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    July 6, 2024

    5 stars
    Delicious! Soft as can be. Nice peanut butter taste (I added a handful of crushed peanuts). Nothing to say, it's a delight. Thank you for this recipe. (I like it when there is a little less sugar, so I reduced it to 100g and it was perfect for me, to adapt according to taste)

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      July 10, 2024

      Thank you very much Julie! Glad you like these peanut butter cookies so much, it’s true that they are very soft as we like… See you soon :)

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