Flourless chocolate pear cake (gluten free)

Gluten-free chocolate pear cake - Lilie Bakery

Ce Chocolate pear cake without flour has everything to please you! Inside, tasty, freshly sliced ​​pears are the perfect accompaniment to the chocolate. A delicious gluten-free cake (without flour) made from powdered almonds that will charm the greatest number ...

A simple and easy cake to make at home, with an incredible texture since it does not contain no flour or yeast ! This is replaced by the almond powder but also the beaten egg whites. It is this association that will give it all its consistency and lightness.

You don't need any extra-ordinary ingredients, just simple things: good seasonal fruits. This cake is gluten free.

Flourless chocolate pear cake - Lilie Bakery

How to prepare this chocolate pear cake?

We start by melting the chocolate. It is then mixed with butter and egg yolks. Next to that, we beat the whites to snow.

The dry ingredients are mixed and then the melted chocolate is incorporated. Finally, we add delicately the whisked egg whites so as not to break them. They must bring suppleness to the cake.

We cut them pears (with or without the skin, it's up to you). You can then fill the mold with dough and arrange the sliced ​​pears. Sprinkle with slivered almonds then put in the oven.

After cooling on the grid, I advise you to place it a little on the fridge before you cut it, it will be easier.

Sliced ​​pear chocolate cake - Lilie Bakery

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Gluten-free chocolate pear cake - Lilie Bakery
Flourless chocolate pear cake - Lilie Bakery
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Chocolate pear cake without flour

A soft pear chocolate without flour (gluten free) with almond powder ...
Prep time20 minutes
Cook time35 minutes
Total55 minutes
Recipe type: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: French
Yield: 8


  • 4 eggs at room temperature
  • 200 g chocolate pastry
  • 130 g unsalted butter
  • 2 tsp bitter cocoa powder
  • 100 g almond meal
  • 1/4 this salt
  • 80 g light brown sugar
  • 3 rather ripe pears
  • A handful of slivered almonds for decoration


  • Preheat the oven to 180 ° traditional heat. Separate the whites from the yolks. Melt chocolate and butter (microwave or double boiler). Let cool a little and incorporate the yolks one by one, mixing well between each.
  • Separately, mix the dry ingredients: ground almonds, cocoa, salt. Pour the melted chocolate into the dry ingredients and mix to obtain a homogeneous paste.
  • Beat the egg whites with the sugar until they stick together. Then incorporate them several times into the chocolate dough using a spatula so as not to "break" the whites.
  • Rinse the pears. At this point you can either keep the skin of the pears like me or remove it, it's up to you! Then cut them in half, hollow them out, slice them thinly, tightening the slices of the same pear.
  • Butter and flour a 25cm springform pan (easier for unmoulding) or a classic mold (with baking paper in the bottom). Pour the dough then gently place the pears on top. Sprinkle with flaked almonds and bake for 35 minutes (to be adapted according to your oven), check the doneness using a wooden pick. Let cool and unmold (note: it will cut better if placed in the refrigerator for 30 minutes).
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2th October, 2019



  1. Reply


    25th October, 2019

    Hmmmmmm… How I like this softness!

  2. Reply


    25th October, 2019

    A cake without flour is even softer! I love

  3. Reply


    30th October, 2019

    Cake made this day.
    A dessert shared with the family.
    I just increased the cooking time.
    The demoulding was a bit tricky, probably also because I don't have a springform mold.
    Thanks for the recipe.
    And now, your blog is in my reader so you don't miss out on future publications.
    Bravo for the visual, the photos which highlight the different dishes so well.

  4. Reply


    12th November 2019

    I made this cake and as much to say that it delighted everyone. (the more fussy would have liked more pears).
    I respected the times and proportions to the letter and it was really perfect, very soft cake, with a good taste of chocolate.
    Thank you again for his recipes, which always earn me lots of compliments :-)

  5. Reply


    27th February 2021

    5 stars
    Very good cake, the pear and chocolate mixture works wonderfully

  6. Reply


    April 4th

    5 stars
    Excellent flourless chocolate cake recipe! The springform pan is not a luxury for demoulding at the risk of breaking the edges a little.
    The super soft interior is a treat! To be done again !!

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