Magimix Ice Turbine: Test & Reviews

Making your own homemade ice cream just like at the ice cream parlor is possible with the Magimix ice cream maker “Gelato Expert”. For this article, I prepared a delicious vanilla ice cream with the turbine, and I give you my opinion on its use.

Ice cream is a gourmet dessert whatever the season: light sorbet or creamy ice cream version, it is always unanimous! For a few years now, I have been making homemade ice cream : it has become very easy to create the ice cream that makes us happy.

Magimix Ice Cream Maker - Lilie Bakery

Before I used a very simple little ice cream maker, today I present to you the one I use: the Magimix ice cream maker. If I decided to devote this article to him, it is because I was amazed by the quality ice created. To give you a complete opinion, I carried out a test in photos.

What is the difference between an ice cream maker and an ice cream maker?

It's here cold distribution which is mainly different in the two machines. The ice cream maker accumulates cold thanks to a disc that must be placed in the freezer about 10 hours before being able to use it. The turbine has an autonomous integrated refrigeration system, which generates cold on demand. In this sense, the turbine is the closest thing to a professional machine.

Le preparation time therefore differs between an ice cream maker and an ice cream maker. In fact, to operate the ice cream maker, it suffices to turn on its refrigeration system and pour in the preparation. For the ice cream maker, remember to put the disc in the freezer well beforehand.

Magimix Ice cream maker - Lilie Bakery

Le weight is another factor to take into account: an ice cream maker weighs much heavier than an ice cream maker since it incorporates a block of cold (a kind of mini refrigerator in short). We don't move it every day either, so that's not really a problem.

What are the characteristics of the Magimix ice cream maker?

La Gelato Expert Magimix ice cream maker has 3 automatic functions: Italian ice cream - artisanal ice cream - granita. The mode is to be chosen according to the consistency of the ice cream desired, from the softest to the most icy. For the more expert, there is also a manual function that allows full control of the machine.

The machine is delivered with its accessories : removable stainless steel tank + fixed stainless steel tank (to be able to combine preparations) + blades + spatula + book of 85 Magimix ice cream recipes. An application is also available on smartphones for more recipes.

Magimix Ice Cream Maker Test - Lilie Bakery

You should know that you can pour 1 liter of preparation in each vat, so two flavors one after the other, to obtain about 1.5 liters of ice cream in the end in each vat.

The turbine is matt chrome, its size is larger than an ice cream maker. It weighs 10kg: you might as well say that once you put it on the worktop, you don't want to put it away right away. This is not a Magimix specificity, it is a characteristic common to ice turbines in general.

How to use the Magimix ice cream maker?

To show you the Magimix ice cream maker in action, I chose to make one of the recipes from the book accompanying the machine: a vanilla ice cream (simple but effective!). Of course, the recipe possibilities to make with this machine are endless, but let's start from the basics to show you what can be achieved with a traditional recipe first.

Magimix Ice cream maker - Lilie Bakery

Ice cream preparation

Ideally, the liquid preparation should be carried out a few hours before starting the machine, it should be really very cold when it is poured into the tank in order to optimize the setting of the ice cream. So I did my preparation the night before, then I kept it in the fridge until the next morning.

 Turning on the turbine

It will be necessary to start the machine (cooling unit) 5 minutes before to pour the preparation. The latter must be very cold to be able to turn into ice properly.

I pour the preparation into the removable bowl, I select my program (artisanal ice cream) and let's go for about 20 minutes of turbining. At this time the blade performs a rotary movement which, coupled with the cold, will create the famous ice cream : the key to both airy and creamy ice cream, which will also allow it to gain in volume and consistency.

Gelato Expert - Lilie Bakery

La Magimix ice cream maker is rather silent once in operation (in any case less noisy than a pastry robot in action). During this time, we do not take care of anything! If you want to add pieces of chocolate, fruit, candy, it is better to add them just before the end of the program.

When the ice cream is ready, the machine stops automatically and starts conservation mode that keeps ice cream cool for up to 2 hours. This function is particularly useful if you want to serve ice cream to your guests: we launch the automatic program at the start of the meal, and the ice cream awaits us wisely for dessert ...

When the program stops there are therefore two options: consume ice cream immediately or put in the freezer. The two options are equal: the ice cream is tasted perfectly right out of the machine, where it is particularly smooth.

Magimix Ice Cream Maker - Lilie Bakery

It can also be used in cones by shaping pretty firm balls. According to the manufacturer, the shelf life is 1 week for a sorbet, 2 weeks for an ice cream.

My opinion on the Gelato Expert Magimix

The number 1 advantage of this Magimix ice cream maker is the resulting texture : airy & unctuous. From my point of view, this texture is comparable to that of an artisan ice cream maker. But an ice cream made at home, with our recipes, our gourmet desires.

Simplicity et speed are the two other strengths of this machine. This is what struck me the most about switching from a classic ice cream maker to an ice cream maker.

Vanilla Ice Cream Magimix Ice Cream Maker - Lilie Bakery
  • no disc to put in the freezer the day before
  • automatic programs that avoid having to regularly monitor your machine to check the consistency of the ice cream
  • possibility of combining two flavors of ice cream with the double bowl
  • simplified cleaning of the detachable bowl and its blade

Certainly the purchase price of this ice turbine is greater than that of an ice cream maker. However, it is more like investing, like investing in a good food processor. This turbine is a robust device, reliable and durable over time, at the height of the Magimix brand image.

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  1. Reply


    24th February 2022

    the machine seems interesting to me
    I would like to know if it can be used professionally.
    i plan to set up a cafeteria in valencia with gelataria service

    I need at least sisters
    How many machines do you recommend and how much does each machine cost?


    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      26th February 2022

      Hello, you can click the machine link to see the details. I am not a reseller...

  2. Reply


    July 10, 2022

    Good evening,
    I would like to know what products used to keep the ice cream longer. Because, as soon as I removed the ice from the turbine, it melts.

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      July 11, 2022

      Hello, you have to contact Magimix directly, I just tested the machine, I have nothing to do with the company.

  3. Reply


    August 21, 2023

    I have the Magimix ice cream maker for 15 years I believe. I use 1 sachet of organic crème anglaise preparation from France Délices (easy, fast, economical) to make delicious ice creams: vanilla, pistachio, praline, chestnut cream, etc. For the sorbets: fruit purée + a little syrup and a little lime juice. I put the cups in the fridge, the ice cream doesn't have time to melt after being served. Good tasting.