Detox Green Juice (The Recipe in 5 Ingredients)

Detox Green Juice Juice Extractor - Lilie Bakery

A healthy and ideal recipe for a little detox cure: the green detox juice House ! It is very easy to do with a juice extractor. A very simple recipe with only 5 ingredients for a delicious result… So what do you like?

THEjuice extractor it's a small investment at first, but we don't regret it. It is a device that allows us to quietly make delicious juices at home with the fruits and vegetables that we have in the kitchen. For this detox juice recipe, I use Kitchenaid juice extractor 5KSM1JA. But know that any type of juice extractor can make it too.

The benefits of green detox juice

Green juice is above all an easy way to consume the famous " 5 fruits and vegetables per day Recommended. You can consume this green juice for breakfast, when hungry, or during meals.

It allows us to refuel micronutrients : those contained in the fruits and vegetables of the recipe! Green juice also allows us quite simply to stay well hydrated while having fun (because yes, it is very good).

PS: I highly recommend you to use fruits and vegetables biological to make your juices, to avoid any pesticides.

What ingredients to prepare this homemade detox juice recipe?

French Fries : Variety side, my heart swings for the slightly sweet and tangy Granny Smith. Otherwise choose another variety.

Pears : here they bring their sweetness to the homemade detox juice. I opted for the Williams pear but any variety works.

Spinach : you will need a large handful of fresh organic spinach for this recipe.

Green juice detox juice extractor recipe - lilie bakery

Lime : it is used without the skin to enhance the taste of the juice.

Ginger : it is full of benefits for digestion (friend of the stomach). Here too, it brings a little spicy touch that enhances the taste of the juice.

How to make a homemade detox juice with the juice extractor?

There is almost no preparation! This is the major asset of the juice extractor. No need to peel your fruit or remove the seeds: the machine takes care of sorting.

I simply advise you to cut the apples and pears in half to make them pass easily through the neck of the machine. We turn on the juice extractor and then add the fruit. Then add the other ingredients. We wait that detox juice is made by itself, and it's ready!

I advise you to taste both glasses at once after extraction: this allows you to take full advantage of the health benefits.

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If you make this recipe, don't hesitate to tag @liliebakery on Instagram so I can see your homemade juices!

Detox Green Juice Juice Extractor - Lilie Bakery
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Detox Green Juice (The Recipe in 5 Ingredients)

A delicious green detox juice made from vegetables and fruits: spinach, apple, pear, lime, ginger ... Easily made with a juice extractor!
Preparation15 min
Baking0 min
Total15 min
Recipe type: Beverages
Kitchen room: French
Quantity: 2 glasses


  • 2 apples preferably organic
  • 2 pear preferably organic
  • 1 good handful of spinach leaves preferably organic
  • 1 lime without skin
  • 2 cm ginger


  • Start the robot, which directly activates the juice extractor.
  • If necessary (depending on your extractor) cut the apples and pears in half.
  • Insert the fruits / vegetables from the list, one by one, through the neck of the extractor.
  • Collect the juice and pour into two tall glasses. Enjoy without delay to make the most of the benefits of the juices!
By Lilie bakery
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16th February 2018


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