E-Shop Bio: My Opinion On Kazidomi + Promo Code

Kazidomi promo code my review - Lilie Bakery

I give you here my opinion on Kazidomi, an e-shop of organic products delivered to your home, with savings of up to 50% compared to the usual prices in organic stores. I also offer you a Kazidomi promo code of 20 €, go to the bottom of the article!

Kazidomi, how does it work?

Kazidomi it is as I explained it to you above, a e-shop with a selection of organic (and natural) products, by taking up all the departments you find in your usual organic store: sweet groceries, savory groceries, drinks, cosmetics and also a household maintenance department. So you will find the brands you already know and trust. You will also see products under the Kazidomi own brand. These are, for example, products in bulk (as in my photo) packaged in kraft bags.

The principle Kazidomiis the subscription. This allows you to have access to the products displayed on the site at very attractive prices (20% to 50% cheaper).

This subscription currently costs 80 € for 1 year, thanks to my Kazidomi promo code (=LILIEBAKERY), you have 20 € of offers on the price of your subscription, which therefore increases the subscription to the price of 60 €. It is therefore extremely profitable! 

Moreover Kazidomi guarantees you to save money with this system: if at the end of the subscription year, your subscription is not profitable, it will reimburse you the difference in voucher if you extend your membership.

My purchases at Kazidomi

My photo at the top of the article shows you an example of a package received from Kazidomi. Everything is not present in the photo - I had already started to feast! In particular, I buy the following products:

  • natural and / or complete sugars (rapadura, agave syrup, honey, coconut blossom sugar, etc.)
  • flour (buckwheat, rice, spelled, wheat, etc.)
  • yeast
  • oilseed butter (cashew, peanuts)
  • oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, etc.)
  • vegetable milk (coconut, rice, almonds, etc.)
  • chickpeas, lentils ...
  • organic cosmetics

My opinion on Kazidomi ?

So far, I have never been disappointed. Neither by the price paid after reduction, nor by the quality still present. The delivery is also very fast, which is appreciable.

As an example, I used their peanut butter to make this delicious Chocolate & peanut butter brownie !

Notice kazidomi sponsorship promo code - Lilie Bakery

Is it really interesting?

The answer is yes ! You just have to see the savings for each basket that you will realize (the savings are calculated directly to you for each basket). Personally, I place an order every 6 weeks or so to fill my cupboards and jars. 

The system is completely transparent, and as I told you above, once the subscription is in your pocket savings are guaranteed or refunded in the form of a credit note.

So, if you are like me and consume organic regularly, and regularly go to an organic store, this system will only have advantages.

My Kazidomi promo code:

At the moment, the subscription goes to 60 € (instead of 80 €) thanks to my Kazidomi promo code "LILIEBAKERY »Or by clicking on this referral link.

Kazidomi subscription notice promo code - Lilie Bakery

* subscription offered by Kazidomi, the opinion expressed in this article is mine



  1. Reply


    April 21th

    Like you, I buy organic products from time to time on the internet (cosmetics, seeds, well almost all my groceries) but I do not know this site, I will take a look.

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      April 23th

      It may be worth it for you too, you would have to do the math;)

  2. Reply


    May 7th

    Can you tell me if there is a charge for delivery on this site, please?
    Merci :)

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      June 4, 2020

      Hello Stéphanie, the delivery costs depend on the amount of your basket (€ 1,99 if your order exceeds € 69, otherwise € 5,99). They deliver to home or relay point. Personally to save on shipping costs, I group my purchases so as to always reach 69 €, so it's really affordable. I hope I have answered your questions :)

  3. Reply


    May 16th

    Thanks for the promo code. I have used it well '. I love your page and all of your recipes.

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      June 4, 2020

      Thank you for your return Marijana, glad you like my recipes too :)