Passion fruit lemonade

Passion fruit lemonade - Lilie Bakery
Passion fruit lemonade - Lilie Bakery

In this month of August, I can easily imagine you basking in the sun right now (for the lucky ones who are on vacation AND who are entitled to good weather - which is not really my case I must confess). And what's better than a cold lemonade to quench your thirst? Recently I gave you my recipe for cherry & lime lemonade. I'm continuing my momentum with this new passion fruit version: the ultimate sun fruit!

Not long ago I was able to test the famous soda maker from Sodastream, you probably already know it. It allows you to transform any still water (bottled water or tap water) into sparkling water. Practical if you do not want to accumulate different types of water bottles at home, because we create our sparkling water on demand! Space saving also guaranteed thanks to its slender design. For those who are interested, the model is available on the website of Baker in black, white or red to blend in with any kitchen. Another positive point, the machine has no power supply, so you can slide it everywhere without desperately looking for a free socket!

Sodastream spirit - Lilie Bakery

Side use, it's really super simple, you just have to follow the three steps. First, add the supplied gas cartridge to the back of the device. Then, we fill the Sodastream bottle with the water of our choice (I chose mineral still water for my part). We insert this bottle into the front of the device and press the button just above (the only button on the device, you can't miss it). It's up to you to make 1,2, 3 or XNUMX pressures depending on the level of bubbles desired in your drink. And now, voila !

Let's come back to my lemonade… To break the bitterness of the lemon, I added a little brown sugar (to be measured according to your taste). As for the passion fruits, I recovered their flesh, removed the seeds to recover only their juice. A real delight this drink… Besides, a little trick to better detach the seeds from the pulp: mix everything for a few seconds in a blender then pass everything through a Chinese. Child's play !

Here is my recipe (super simple):

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Passion fruit lemonade

The drink with a taste of the sun ...
Prep time10 minutes
Cook time0 minutes
Total10 minutes
Recipe type: Beverages
Cuisine: French
Yield: 4 glasses


  • 1 L sparkling water
  • 100 ml lemon juice
  • 4 passion fruit
  • 90 g brown sugar to adjust according to your taste


  • Remove the flesh from the passion fruit and pour into the blender, mix for a few seconds to detach the flesh from the seeds (do not mix too much to keep the seeds whole) and pass everything through a Chinese to keep only the juice.
  • In the blender, pour the passion fruit juice, sugar and lemon juice. Mix finely.
  • Add the sparkling water (gently by tilting the container slightly otherwise it foams).
  • Put in the fridge.
  • Serve in 4 glasses with ice cubes.


Consume quickly to keep the lemonade sparkling.
Par Lilie bakery
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