Mirabelle plum tart

Mirabelle plum tart - Lilie Bakery

An easy and seasonal recipe: the Quick mirabelle plum tart ! Only 5 ingredients are needed to make this fruity and melt-in-the-mouth mirabelle plum dessert. What to enjoy these pretty ephemeral fruits in all greediness.

Indeed, the picking of these pretty little plums from Lorraine only lasts from mid-August to mid-September, after that it's over...

What you will like with this mirabelle tart

  • flavors : the pleasure of tasting the beautiful mirabelle plums of the season! This pie allows you to highlight them easily and without fuss. Mirabelle plums are naturally sweet, we take advantage of it!
  • Texture : once cooked, the fruits become tender… The puff pastry adds an extra touch of indulgence to this mirabelle plum tart.
  • Difficulty level : very easy and quick to prepare. The longest will be to cut the Mirabelle plums in half and remove their core. I use a pie pan with a removable bottom because it allows me to unmold pies like these very easily.
Mirabelle plum tart recipe - Lilie Bakery

Only 5 ingredients

  • Pure butter puff pastry : take it quality, thick and pure butter above all.
  • Mirabelle plums : choose ripe fruits, they will be more tender and sweet.
  • Almond powder : or hazelnut powder, this is used to absorb the fruit juice during cooking to avoid soaking the dough.
  • Granulated sugar : to lightly caramelize the fruit, add a veil of sugar before cooking.
  • Soft butter : diced, it gives a nice caramelization to the fruits.

PS: find the detailed quantities in the recipe at the bottom of the page.

How to make an express Mirabelle plum tart?

  1. Place the puff pastry in the buttered pie pan
  2. Sprinkle with almond or hazelnut powder
  3. We add above the fruit cut in half, forming a beautiful rosette.
  4. A little sugar and diced butter, then we bake the Mirabelle plum tart!

My tips for making this pie a success

  • Don't skimp on the quality of ingredients : you need a good puff pastry and good ripe fruit so that the flavor is there when you taste the mirabelle plum tart…
  • To opt for a removable mold : this guarantees easy demoulding. If you want to serve the pie in its mold, then a classic mold will suffice.
  • For a very fruity and attractively presented tart, I recommend placing the side-by-side tight half Mirabelle plums. They will also hold up well when cooked.

How to taste the Mirabelle plum tart?

This mirabelle plum tart can be eaten warm or cold, according to individual preferences. It can be eaten on its own of course, but you can also accompany it on the plate with a scoop of ice cream vanilla or a little whipped cream...

Mirabelle plum tart - Lilie Bakery

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Mirabelle plum tart recipe - Lilie Bakery
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Mirabelle Express Tart

The quick version of the mirabelle plum tart… A puff pastry, a little ground almonds and above all lots of fruit!
Preparation15 minutes
Baking40 minutes
Total55 minutes
Recipe type: Desserts
Kitchen room: French
Keyword: Tarte
Quantity: 6 people


  • 1 pure butter puff pastry quality
  • 1kg plums rather ripe, they will be very tasty and sweet
  • 60 g almond or hazelnut powder
  • 30 g Granulated sugar to increase or decrease according to the level of ripening of the fruits
  • 20 g Soft butter


  • Preheat the oven to 180 ° traditional heat.
  • Butter a 26cm tart tin with a removable bottom. You can also take a pie ring.
  • Place the puff pastry in the mold, filling the edges well. Cut off the excess with a knife. Prick the bottom of the pie a little with a fork.
  • Sprinkle the bottom of the tart with ground almonds.
  • Separately, wash and cut the Mirabelle plums in half. Remove the pits. Arrange the half-mirabelle plums side by side, making circles all over the pie (see my photos).
  • Sprinkle with powdered sugar then add the cubes of butter everywhere. This allows the fruit to caramelize during cooking.
  • Bake for 30/40 minutes (depending on your oven and the ripening of your fruit): the edges of the pie should be golden and the fruit cooked. Leave to cool in the pan on a wire rack out of the oven then unmold the tart.


This mirabelle plum tart can be kept for 2 days at room temperature (in a bell) or up to 4 days in the refrigerator.
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    September 2, 2022

    5 stars
    Really pretty pie!

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      Lilie bakery

      September 2, 2022

      Thank you Lady!

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    September 2, 2022

    4 stars
    This recipe is very appealing to me. That's good, this morning I bought mirabelle plums but I prefer shortcrust pastry…….Thank you very much for this beautiful recipe.

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      Lilie bakery

      September 12, 2022

      Hello Nadia, shortbread or puff pastry, both work with this recipe, that's good! Goodbye :)


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