Mont Blanc with Chestnuts

Mont blanc chestnuts | Lilie bakery
Mont blanc chestnuts | Lilie bakery

I don't know about you, but I love chestnut cream, synonymous for me with gourmet comfort in the heart of winter. Mont Blanc is a dessert that I often choose from the restaurant menu, I am really a fan of it. I grant you, the chestnut cream is not the lightest thing, but associated with the crunchy meringue and the creamy cream, it's just perfection!

This recipe is a little different from the one I usually offer, because I was able to make it thanks to the contents of a pastry kit called C'est mon cake.

The concept is that of a box, in which all the ingredients / utensils necessary to make the recipe of your choice from a varied list are delivered to your home: Mont-Blanc, Paris-Brest, chocolate eclairs, strawberries etc. When I saw Mont-Blanc in the list, of course I fell in love :)

+ Points
  • the quality of the ingredients included: chestnut cream / honey / white chocolate / quality vanilla bean, they even put in the necessary powdered sugar and icing sugar.
  • the two nozzles are included: the round to dress the meringue and the one with mini-holes to create the threads of chestnut cream, we can then reuse them for other recipes and that's great.
  • piping bags are also included, large size is appreciable.
  • the step-by-step photo included with the recipe is a good idea for those who are reluctant to get started!
Points -
  • in my opinion, there is not enough cooking time for the meringues, I lengthened it so that they are well cooked.
  • I added a small amount of mascarpone to the whipped ganache which I found a little too sweet.

At the tasting, the flavors were there, a pure treat! The chestnut cream was just delicious. My little Mont-Blancs didn't last long, you can imagine :)

Here is a little video that explains the recipe from A to Z:

CONTEST Lilie bakery x It's my cake

To win : 1 Mont-Blanc box "C'est Mon Gâteau"

For that, just leave me a comment below.

End of the competition Sunday 24/01 at 20 p.m., draw among your comments.

| CONTEST ENDED | Bravo to "Charly Win" & thank you for your participation!



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    20th January 2016

    I am passionate about cooking and mainly pastry. All of your desserts are fantastic. Everything is there, the taste, the beauty… Happiness to taste. By following your detailed recipes the cakes are always a huge success. I own all your books, I love it. Thank you for sharing your love for cooking with us.

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    Byache Willy-Anne

    20th January 2016

    Mmmmh the Monts-blancs! What a pleasure! Yours are really beautiful!
    Thanks for the blog and all of your great recipes. I have already made a good ten, for more elaborate cakes, I will really have to provide myself with the appropriate equipment!

    Fervent fan of matcha recipes, maybe you have a great matcha cheesecake recipe? :)

    Good continuation, filled with gluttony!


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    20th January 2016

    Really super pretty these Mont Blancs. I did not know at all that boxes like that existed, it would be really great to try: D

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    20th January 2016

    Mmmm… During the period of “post-holiday season diet” it really makes you want to… :)

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    Corinne DELOUMEAUX

    20th January 2016

    These white mountains are very appetizing !! I try my luck thank you

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    20th January 2016

    Cream of chestnut reminds me of my childhood, I love it.

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    20th January 2016

    Hello ! Thank you for this attention to which I am trying!
    I would love to test these products.
    Nice day ! Kisses!

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    Anne-Sophie (Surprises and delicacies)

    20th January 2016

    Oh yes, I discovered the concept in Foude Pâtisserie magazine! I would love to test like you :)

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    20th January 2016

    Hello, I try my luck with pleasure :) I did not know this box but your article makes you want to cook delicacies thanks to this one!
    Thank you very much and good evening :)

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    20th January 2016

    Wow, I love chestnuts!

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    20th January 2016


    I try my luck with pleasure.


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    angelik angel

    20th January 2016

    thank you I try with pleasure :-D

    good night

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    20th January 2016

    Ah I love this box principle! It changes from all ordinary boxes. For pastry fans it's great !! I would like to test!

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    20th January 2016

    Mont Blanc is undoubtedly my favorite dessert, especially since I tasted paradise with Angelina's: and thanks to you and even better if I had the box;.)) I decided to go for it!
    Thank you for your posts

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    olivia philippe

    20th January 2016

    Good evening!
    it is with a greedy pleasure that I will try my luck !!
    I am a fb fan under the name: olivia philippe
    thank you and fingers crossed !!

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    20th January 2016

    Very ingenious this kite I will let myself be tempted by a Mont-Blanc box

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    21th January 2016

    I've been wanting to make the Mont Blancs for a while. As long as I win the box;)

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    21th January 2016

    hello thank you I try willingly
    good day and long life to your blog!

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    21th January 2016

    Yum me who adores the cream of chestnut it really makes you want !!!

  20. Reply

    sylvie dumont

    21th January 2016

    Oh dear ! what there are as greedy! lol
    it's curious there are no men who write ??
    Good luck girls !

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    21th January 2016

    It is also one of my favorite desserts!

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    21th January 2016

    I love crème de marron too and I am discovering this box concept that I would very much like to test so I try my luck !!!

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    21th January 2016

    How appetizing !!!! I try my luck;-)

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    21th January 2016

    Hmmm… when do we eat ??

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    mams of two bambinos

    21th January 2016

    Good evening, superb discovery I did not know at all.
    Thank you again good evening.

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    21th January 2016

    I try my luck ! Very pretty your mont-blanc!

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    small kitchen

    22th January 2016

    It's one of my favorite desserts, it's so good!

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    22th January 2016

    Good evening
    thank you for spoiling us i'm trying my luck

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    23th January 2016

    A Mont Blanc with the cold that makes it perfect!

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    christophine chav

    23th January 2016

    Hello !
    I play with pleasure to win this delicious box
    it's very nice to share your culinary discoveries with us and offer us delicious recipes
    Long live your gourmet blog and happy new year 2016
    my mail: jero69006 (@)

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    Sophia v.

    23th January 2016

    Hello, I patricipe with pleasure, I discovered this dessert at "Angelina" and I must admit that it is a pure happiness of gluttony. Thank you for your sublime recipes see you soon

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    24th January 2016

    Very cute your little Mont-Blancs. I had already heard of this concept, it is a very good idea I think. So I cross my fingers to test it ^^ merciiiiii and have a good Sunday

  33. Reply

    Lilie bakery

    25th January 2016

    Bravo Charly Win, it's your comment that was drawn!
    Please send your full contact details to
    Bravo again :)

    • Reply

      Charly win

      25th January 2016

      Ah great .. I am very happy.
      I sent my details in "contact".
      Thank you and see you soon.