Overnight Porridge, The Easy No-Bake Recipe

Overnight Porridge Oatmeal Cocoa Coconut | Lilie bakery

This overnight porridge is a perfect breakfast recipe! We prepare it the night before with a little milk (vegetable or not) and the next morning we just have to taste it ...

Did I ever tell you that breakfast was my favorite meal of the day? It's a moment that I love above all! Especially on weekends, when we have more time to taste what makes us happy ... I got into the habit some time ago to prepare myself the night before a overnight porridge.

What is overnight porridge?

Porridge is a breakfast that our Anglo-Saxon friends love: milk and oatmeal mixture, embellished with multiple flavors. The result is rather generous, it stalls easily until noon without feeling the famous dip of 11am ...

Okay, this porridge recipe is a change from café-croissant ... But it's very good for your health and allows you to enjoy seasonal fruits on the side, which is always a good thing!

What you'll love with overnight porridge ...

It's a recipe that takes you 5 minutes to prepare ! We think about it the night before and then enjoy it the next morning without stress ...

You can make this recipe in a airtight jar and carry it the next day everywhere with you! For breakfasts outside, in the park, on the beach, it's super practical. You just need to put your garnish (fruit, oilseed) at the last moment.

There are only healthy things inside ... It is relatively little sweet, therefore perfect to avoid the famous spike in blood sugar. If you are on a gluten-free diet, you can opt for gluten free oatmeal. It will be just as delicious!

Overnight Porridge Oats Coconut Chia | Lilie bakery

How to prepare an overnight porridge?

It will only take a few minutes and only requires one container. The night before, you have to mix the oatmeal, milk (cow or vegetable), a natural sweetener according to your tastes (personally I love agave syrup). A little spatula and hop in the refrigerator!

The oats will swell by themselves thanks to the liquid, the next day you get your porridge! This porridge recipe to be eaten cold fresh out of the fridge. It differs from the usual porridge which is made in the pan and eaten hot.

In my recipe below, I give you the amounts I like to use for a 1 person porridge recipe. You can of course double or triple the quantities if necessary.

Possible variations for your porridge

To garnish the porridge the next morning, I love to change according to the seasons and my desires. In general, I opt for a garnish of delicious fruits : bananas, apples, pears, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries ...

I also love the gluttony of chocolate in nuggets of course! You can also grate or crush it more coarsely. I also like to add grated coconut.

The oleaginous also find their place in overnight porridge: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts… The important thing is to vary every day, and not to consume the same things all the time.

Other breakfast recipes

If you want more ideas for breakfast or brunch, take a look at these other recipes from the blog:

If you make this porridge, do not hesitate to tag @liliebakery on Instagram so I can see your lovely porridges :)

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Overnight Porridge, The Easy No-Bake Recipe

The healthy breakfast!
Prep time5 minutes
Cook time0 minutes
Total5 minutes
Recipe type: Snack, Breakfast
Cuisine: French
Yield: 1


  • 120 ml of milk preference for coconut milk which will flavor the porridge
  • 30 g oatmeal
  • 1 tbsp of chia seeds
  • Agave syrup or other sweetener
  • For a chocolate version + 1tbsp bitter cocoa powder
  • +
  • Toppings of your choice: fresh fruit dried fruits, chocolate chips


  • In a container (jar type or other individual container), pour the oatmeal.
  • Add the milk, the chia seeds (cocoa if the chocolate version), finish with the agave syrup according to your taste.
  • Mix and put in the refrigerator overnight, to obtain the porridge the next day.
  • Add the toppings of your choice and enjoy.
About Lilie bakery
Did you make this recipe?Tag @liliebakery on Instagram so I can see the result :)

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December 8, 2016



  1. Reply


    7th January 2017

    Can we reheat it in the microwave the next day or is it only eaten cold?
    I am new to porridge!
    Anyway, thank you for this recipe!

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      20th January 2017

      Hello, it can be warmed up a bit in the microwave :)

  2. Reply


    March 18, 2017

    I love porridge, I discovered it a little while ago and it's healthy, I'm going to try it with a little cocoa. I also like to add fruit, the first tempts me well, nice picture!

  3. Reply


    15th May 2017

    I tried your recipe without chia seeds but chocolate version and I had a little problem! The porridge hadn't set and all the milk had gone up… how is it? Should we put a little water?

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      17th May 2017

      Hello, the role of chia seeds is to absorb liquid, which is why they are essential for this recipe.

  4. Reply


    April 26th

    I'm testing tonight for tomorrow.
    As the chia seeds appear as an option, I do not understand why you say in the comments that they are essential for this recipe ...
    Fingers crossed

  5. Reply


    4th February 2019

    What type of oatmeal should I use? Rather big or small?
    Thank you!

  6. Reply


    April 15th


    I will try your recipe this evening but like Chloe I wonder why the chia seeds are said to be “optional” when in your comment you say that they are essential?

    Thank you

  7. Reply


    July 3, 2019

    I love Porridge and looking on the internet I finally found a cold porridge that makes me want (I don't really like hot).
    So I will try your recipe tonight!
    On the other hand I find the quantities very small, I increased to 45gr & 180ml, hoping that it is enough (I am a man).
    See you soon,

  8. Reply


    July 3, 2019

    PS: isn't 1 tablespoon of Chia seed too much?

  9. Reply


    July 3, 2019

    PS2: Sorry for the multiple comments, I can't answer my own comments… to answer my first PS, compared to your photo, my porridge is very multicolored (white and black) with Chia seeds.
    Thank you in advance!

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      July 4, 2019

      Hello Florian, it's up to you to adapt to your own tastes (and appetite of course) :)

  10. Reply


    August 6, 2019

    Can we put the fresh fruit the day before, just to let it macerate overnight or is it better to put them the next day?

  11. Reply


    12th November 2019

    Hello, I would like to know with what other ingredient can we replace the chia seeds that are used to absorb?
    thank you for your reply

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      21th November 2019

      Hello, I only know chia seeds which have an absorbent power like this ...

  12. Reply


    March 7, 2024

    4 stars
    Thank you very much for this marvel.

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      March 19, 2024

      Thanks for your return! See you soon :)

  13. Reply


    March 11, 2024

    5 stars
    Test with a small variation:
    40g oatmeal and 10g chia seeds.
    120ml Oat milk and a spoonful of Greek yogurt
    A little vanilla flavor and bitter almond flavor. A few chocolate chips
    In the morning with pieces of pears.
    Delicious and quick to prepare

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      March 19, 2024

      Thank you Claire for your message, it may give ideas to other readers! See you soon :)

  14. Reply


    April 18th

    5 stars
    Thank you for this wonderful recipe

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      April 18th

      Thanks Justin! See you soon :)

  15. Reply


    13th May 2024

    5 stars
    Tested as is and widely approved, Thank you very much it's a delight!

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      15th May 2024

      Thank you very much Nathalie! See you soon :)

  16. Reply


    25th May 2024

    5 stars
    Hello Lilie
    Be careful with agave syrup because it is full of fructose. The latter is very bad for your health and known to trigger diabetes.
    I only consumed this sweetener for a period believing I was right but a permanent feeling of hunger never left me and on the blood test the triglycerides and gamma gt had skyrocketed! As I consume zero alcohol, my doctor concluded that it was necessary to stop taking agave syrup, which is known to disturb the liver.
    Here is a little feedback which I hope will be useful.
    Otherwise I love your blog I am inspired by your recipes first and foremost
    Thank you

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      1th June 2024

      Hello Nathalie, thank you for your message. In no case am I glorifying the use of agave syrup, I assume that it is important to vary the types of sugars, this is what I usually do in my recipes, using lots of different sugars . I'll see you soon for other recipes! See you soon :)

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