Raspberry Pistachio Dessert Dome

Dôme Entremets Raspberry Pistachio | Lilie bakery

Little ones Raspberry pistachio dessert domes for dessert ... Lovely, right? We love their creamy texture and their subtle scent of raspberry and pistachio.

What are dessert domes?

It is quite simply a dessert (biscuit base and mousse) poured into rigid metal domes. Beforehand, the domes are filmed to facilitate the demolding stage. When you unmold them, you get pretty domes to taste.

Here I decided to combine two flavors that I particularly like: the tangy raspberry and gourmet pistachio. I chose to cover them with a white chocolate pink mirror glaze. The elements complement each other well, and harmony is there, it is essential for a dessert.

Dôme Entremets Raspberry Pistachio | Lilie bakery

How to make these raspberry pistachio dessert domes?

There are 3 main steps: make the pistachio biscuit, make the raspberry mousse and lastly the raspberry mirror glaze. There are rest steps between each. I therefore recommend starting the day before or the day before so as not to be caught up in the weather.

You will need a little bit of material (see the bottom of the article) but it is quite achievable.

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Dôme Entremets Raspberry Pistachio | Lilie bakery
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Raspberry-Pistachio Dessert Dome

Fruity delicacy ...
Prep time1 time
Cook time25 minutes
Yield: 4


  • 100 g hazelnut powder
  • 150 g icing sugar
  • 3 Egg whites
  • 50 g powdered sugar
  • 40 g pistachio paste organic shop
  • +
  • 2.5 gelatin sheets Vahine
  • 20 cl full liquid cream 30%mg
  • 15 g icing sugar
  • 200 g raspberries
  • 50 g powdered sugar
  • +
  • 1 gelatin sheet Vahine
  • 60 ml of milk
  • 15 ml water
  • 25 g glucose syrup
  • 150 g white chocolate pastry
  • Red gel dye
  • +
  • Decoration: crushed pistachios + white chocolate


  • Pistachio biscuit: preheat the oven to 160 ° traditional heat. Mix the ground hazelnuts and the icing sugar. Apart from whipping the egg whites to snow with the powdered sugar. Incorporate into the previous mixture. Warm the pistachio paste to relax it, then incorporate it as well. Pour everything into a square mold (24 × 24 for me) lined with baking paper and bake for 25 minutes. Unmold and let cool. Cut 4 circles using the stainless steel domes then set aside.
  • Raspberry mousse: soften the gelatin in cold water. Whip the whipped cream with the icing sugar. Mix the raspberries and the powdered sugar then filter the seeds. Heat part of this coulis and melt the drained gelatin in it. Incorporate all of the coulis into the whipped cream, mix then pour into stainless steel domes lined with cling film (see link for my material below) or silicone domes. Smooth then cover with pistachio cookies. Block in the freezer ideally overnight or at least 4 hours.
  • Mirror icing: soften the gelatin in cold water. Heat the milk, the water and the glucose syrup in a microwave-safe container, then stir in the softened and drained gelatin. Pour over the crushed white chocolate then mix to obtain a smooth consistency. Add a knife tip of red coloring, to have a deep pink, filter the icing and set aside (it should be used lukewarm - 30 °).
  • Unmold the domes, place them on a grid with a collecting container underneath. Pour the icing over the still frozen domes and let set. Repeat the operation until you obtain a beautiful shiny mirror glaze. Cover the base of the entremets with crushed pistachios and the top with a white chocolate decoration.


With my quantities, you will have a surplus of pistachio biscuit, to enjoy as it is, it's delicious! For more fruity indulgence, insert whole raspberries in the heart of your domes. To make it in a family size, I advise you to double the quantities of raspberry mousse and icing.
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25th February 2016



  1. Reply


    2th February 2016

    Too cute these domes! And they must be delicious :)

  2. Reply


    2th February 2016

    These domes are gorgeous and look delicious! Great idea for Valentine's Day!

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    2th February 2016


  4. Reply

    small kitchen

    2th February 2016

    Really gorgeous!

  5. Reply


    3th February 2016

    Beautifully greedy !!

  6. Reply

    Elo to the mouth

    3th February 2016

    that's wonderful! well done

  7. Reply


    3th February 2016

    They are so beautiful that we would hardly dare to touch them, but that's without counting on the gluttony that takes over;)

  8. Reply

    Sandrine / Strawberry & Basil

    3th February 2016

    Wahoo, he's just perfect! And this icing :)

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      4th February 2016

      Thank you Sandrine! :)

      • Reply

        darnat laurent

        28th June 2018

        hello lilie I can for the dome there are no photos of the preparation of the dome I am a little lost, for time its explain well thank you

  9. Reply


    4th February 2016

    It is really splendid, bravo !!!

  10. Reply


    5th February 2016

    Hello Lilie :) for the white chocolate frosting if I want to double the have to do it × 2 for all the ingredients? Gelatin, milk, coloring etc? Thanks to you I'll do it on the 14th :)

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      8th February 2016

      Hello Lindsay, yes double = double all the ingredients for the frosting (better to have more than less). @ soon

      • Reply


        25th October, 2017

        Hello, I would like to make this splendid dessert and then I will do it the day before

  11. Reply


    13th February 2016

    An extra treat both visually and tasting

  12. Reply


    16th February 2016

    hello, can I replace gelatin with agar agar?

    • Reply


      14th May 2017

      Hello Sinjy. Avoid agar agar, which will release water after thawing ...

  13. Reply


    25th February 2016

    They look exceptional! Can't wait to try. Thank you for this blog, I really like your Lillie universe!

  14. Reply


    March 13, 2016

    I tested, it's very good but my icing is not great :-(
    It wasn't covering enough. The cling film made marks on the mousse, I thought the icing was going to “hide” everything but it may not have been thick enough.
    I will try again

  15. Reply


    March 13, 2016

    Extra and beautiful.

  16. Reply

    Marie L / Allergic Gourmand

    21th May 2016

    Very pretty domes !!! Beautiful day

  17. Reply


    15th June 2016

    It is simply MAGNIFIIIIIIQUE !!! Just one question, how long before serving should we take the domes out of the freezer and apply the mirror glaze ???

  18. Reply


    July 9, 2016

    Wouahhh, it is simply superb !!!
    I am looking for what to do with the raspberries from the garden and I think I have found!
    I have domes, but I do not know if I will do as well….

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      July 12, 2016

      But if, but if! You have to get started :)

  19. Reply


    27th November 2016

    Good evening I have a question if I serve this nursery rhyme dessert long enough to take it out of the freezer before the mirror glaze and once the glaze is done how long to serve it
    thank you for your reply

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      December 9, 2016

      Hello, you have to take them out just before applying the mirror glaze. They must then be put in the refrigerator a few hours before tasting so that they thaw.

  20. Reply


    27th November 2016

    Your desserts are great, I tested several of your recipes, including desserts, they were very good :) thank you for the recipes.
    I would like to try this one, do it once to see if I can do it and therefore if I can offer it for the holidays but I have a few questions ..

    I don t have glucose syrup, can I replace it with something else?

    I have silicone molds, do I put something in the bottom or not

    And do I have to take it out of the cb freezer long before I make the frosting and serve it?

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      December 9, 2016

      Hello Pauline, I don't know of any substitute for glucose syrup, especially in mirror glaze! You can find it at the supermarket, Vahiné department. Silicone is used without anything else. The icing should be placed on frozen domes. Then leave in the refrigerator a few hours before serving to thaw.

  21. Reply


    December 17, 2016

    Hello ! I tested the domes this week and everyone found them to be very good.
    However my icing was not thick enough and did not cover very well.
    Quick question: the tracking cookie was soggy .. impossible to take off the domes without damaging them, how can I avoid this?

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      December 27, 2016

      They should be placed on a surface that does not grip at all; I did not have this problem on my side ...

  22. Reply

    Ophelia MARMIER

    December 22, 2016

    Hello, I would like to make this recipe for Christmas. But I only have silicone domes, will that work?
    Please answer me as soon as possible,

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      December 27, 2016

      Hello, this works very well with silicone molds as well.

  23. Reply


    December 26, 2016

    Thank you for this great idea. I'm no pastry ace, but the photo made me want so much that I gave it a go. Total success for the Christmas dessert, a real bluff and everyone delighted. For my part I served them 15-20 minutes after the icing, suddenly at the tasting the mousse is slightly iced without being hard it's excellent.
    Thank you
    Tips: replace glucose syrup with cane sugar it works without pb

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      December 27, 2016

      Top ! :)

  24. Reply


    12th January 2017

    I would like to make this recipe tonight for a birthday tomorrow but I wanted to know if I have to put the domes in the freezer or do I put them all night in the fridge ?!
    Thank you in advance (in any case it makes me want!)

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      20th January 2017

      A whole night in the fridge will be enough :)

  25. Reply


    April 29th

    A true delight. … I made them everyone was amazed so it's been 3 times that I was asked to do it again as a birthday cake my children are crazy about it !!
    Thank you for the recipe and for these great achievements.

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      10th May 2017

      Great ! Thanks for your return :)

  26. Reply


    5th May 2017

    Tested and approved this is the first recipe that I test and frankly I loved your recipes are very well explained thank you for sharing

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      10th May 2017

      Thanks for your return ;)

  27. Reply


    14th May 2017

    Hello Lilie :) How long do you have to wait between each dose for the mirror glaze?

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      17th May 2017

      Hello, you have to touch (gently) to know if it's taken, I can't remember exactly;)

  28. Reply


    December 27, 2017

    Well done for this recipe ... I would like to make this wonder for the New Year ...
    I have 12 individual dome of 7cm in diameter… I multiplied your recipe by 3 but the quantities obtained on paper seem to me very little… can you tell me the quantities to make .. I prefer to have too much than not enough… thank you in advance ...

  29. Reply

    Christiane Gelly

    March 28, 2018

    I also made this dessert. Me, who is not very good at pastry. fresh and light. I would do them again. Thank you

  30. Reply


    April 15th

    I just made this dessert. I respected the cooking time for the pistachio biscuit but the dough was still almost raw. So I put it back ten minutes more and in the end, cooling the biscuit became hard. The mirror glaze was nice but I spent time to make it take in the fridge.

  31. Reply


    27th June 2018

    I tested this recipe for Christmas and we were won over. Since then it has been my favorite dessert for "special" occasions. Thank you for this creation.

  32. Reply


    August 23, 2018

    Hello, I would like to know what to replace the glucose syrup in the icing with.
    Thank you in advance.

  33. Reply


    11th November 2018

    Before trying and messing with me, I would like to know whether to let the coulis cool before adding to the whipped cream. The risk is not that it falls back?
    Thank you in advance for your advice

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      22th November 2018

      Hello, it must be incorporated lukewarm, the whipped cream will fall with the coulis, it is the gelatin that will keep it;)

  34. Reply


    December 10, 2018

    Hello, pistachio paste is very expensive, what can you replace it with?

  35. Reply


    March 1, 2019

    Hello and thank you for this recipe little question I'm making the dessert tonight to enjoy it tomorrow night so the domes in the freezer all night but when should I thaw them and put the icing? If I do it tomorrow morning, isn't it too early for it to be tasted in the evening? thank you for your reply

  36. Reply


    March 8, 2019

    Thank you for this recipe

  37. Reply


    September 19, 2019

    I have the impression that this dessert provides access to Mount Olympus.
    On the other hand, I will try with three times less sugar, hoping that the structure holds.


  38. Reply


    March 25, 2020

    thank you very much for sharing your recipes .. which make us dream. The chocolate hazelnut madeleines and the pistachio nut cupcakes are validated with us!
    Quick question: I don't have raspberries but raspberry coulis in the freezer. How much would I need for the mousse, would you know? Thank you

  39. Reply


    April 12th

    Thank you for this recipe! Why do we have to put the cookie before the freezer step? Can we not take the domes in the freezer, then mount them the next day on the cookies? As far as I'm concerned, my cookie was not baked enough, I have to check if my oven is heating up enough. 160 degrees is enough? It doesn't seem like much to me.

  40. Reply


    December 22, 2021

    5 stars
    Thanks for the recipe. Its the second time I do it but still the same problem with the cookie it breaks each time and it looks like it is not cooked enough inside but a hard crust on top I have repeated the cookie several times and always the same result. But the taste is too good

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      December 23, 2021

      Hello Valérie, I advise you to cook it longer by adding a sheet of aluminum foil on top in the last minutes to prevent it from browning. See you soon :)

  41. Reply


    17th February 2022

    5 stars
    Can we put something else instead of glucose syrup?
    Thank you

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      18th February 2022

      Hello Caroline, unfortunately glucose syrup is essential for this recipe. Otherwise, I have a glucose-free version on the blog but it's a chocolate mirror glaze (you can see it in my recipe “Chocolate pear log”). Goodbye :)

  42. Reply


    30th November 2022

    5 stars
    Thanks for this awesome looking recipe! Could we do it in a giant version? A large dome from a cake pan? And how do you make glucose syrup? Thanks a lot ! :)

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      December 1, 2022

      Hello Liana, no it is calculated only for mini-domes. Glucose syrup can be purchased in a professional store. I recommend this recipe, more suitable for when there are several of you (and without glucose syrup): https://liliebakery.fr/bavarois-framboise/

  43. Reply


    27th January 2023

    5 stars
    This is the second recipe I have made. Top ! Same as for the log, the explanations are clear and accessible.
    I learned one essential thing: there are no touch-ups for the icing :)
    3 entremets out of 4 well finalized (there is one that turned over when placing it on the presentation plate + one that I wanted to touch up…). that's a good average :)
    Thank you for sharing !

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      30th January 2023

      Thank you Meryem! Glad you like the recipes :) See you soon

  44. Reply


    29th January 2023

    5 stars
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. did it today and it turned out very well. It is delicious, love the combination of flavors. Just wonderful!

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      30th January 2023

      Thank you Isabel for your comment on this recipe! :)

  45. Reply


    9th February 2023

    25 g cane sugar? THANKS

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      13th February 2023

      I don't understand your sentence...

  46. Reply

    Anne Marie

    March 26, 2023

    Hello Lilly,
    for the dome entremet recipe, can we put pistachio powder instead of the pistachio paste.

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      March 30, 2023

      Hello Anne-Marie, you can possibly make this replacement but the result will be less soft and less pistachio taste. See you soon :)

  47. Reply

    marie odile

    April 10th

    5 stars
    Very pretty and surely very appetizing recipe!
    Just a small concern to be able to make it, there are now gelatin packets with smaller leaves. In fact, how many grams does it correspond to?
    Thank you in advance

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      April 11th

      Hello Marie Odile, the Vahine leaves that I use are 1,90 grams each. See you soon :)

  48. Reply


    5th May 2023

    I would like to know if we should place the frozen or thawed domes on the cake? Because my cakes were soggy when I tasted them
    Thank you very much

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      8th May 2023

      Hi Kate, the answer is neither. The pistachio biscuit must be placed as soon as the raspberry mousse has been poured into the domes. It is well written in the recipe. To avoid soaking, they must be tasted quickly, with a fruit mousse is essential. See you soon :)

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