Robot Cook Expert Magimix: Test & Reviews

Until today, I had never had the opportunity to use a multifunctional food processor like the Cook Expert. So I jumped at the chance when Magimix offered to test it: having a robot that does everything in the kitchen is a bit of a dream, isn't it? Like many of you, I enjoy enjoying delicious meals throughout the week, but let's face it, I don't like spending hours preparing them. That's a bit of the problem ...

The promises of Robot Cook Expert are particularly tempting: it mixes, grates, slices, beats, cooks, adapting to each recipe… Magimix announces it as the indispensable partner in the kitchen. It's up to me to make up my own mind! To do this, I made two recipes contained in the book accompanying the robot: a savory plate and a sweet treat. I suggest you discover my test in pictures.

Magimix Robot Cook Expert - Test & Review Lilie Bakery

The brand

You certainly already know her, I also told you about my crush on their Gelato Expert this summer. Magimix is ​​a brand of small household appliances "made in France" which is a hit with cooking enthusiasts. Their products are appreciated for their robustness and reliability (the robot motor is guaranteed for 30 years).

Le Robot Cook Expert was launched in 2015, it is positioned in the market for high-end multifunction robots. It exists in 3 colors - red, black, matt chrome (important detail to integrate it into the kitchen!). The heart of the robot is its digital screen from which everything is programmed.

Magimix Robot Cook Expert - Test & Review Lilie Bakery


I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the main stainless steel bowl, because it is a bit the sinews of war in the robot market! Its capacity of 3.6 Liters is well suited to family quantities.

The accessories supplied with the robot are numerous:

  • 3.6 liter thermo tank
  • steam basket
  • 3 transparent bowls
  • mini bowl and mini knife
  • white beater
  • slicers / shredders
  • universal blade
  • metal knife
  • spatula
  • kitchen scale
  • book of 300 recipes dedicated to the expert cook
  • application for tablet / smartphone (interactive shopping list)

Clearly, there must be space for the robot itself on your work plan (programming base + tank). You also have to think about the storage of the various accessories. Keeping them in a closet nearby is a good compromise.

Magimix Robot Cook Expert - Test & Review Lilie Bakery

Magimix Robot Cook Expert - Test & Review Lilie Bakery


To carry out my test, I read the book supplied with the Cook Expert robot. Starters, main courses, desserts, brioches there is plenty to choose from. For each recipe, the accessory to be used and the program (number, temperature, speed) are specified. Very simple and intuitive.


I opted for two recipes: one sweet, raisin scones (for the teatime!) And the other savory, a plate of polenta with pesto rosso. For these two recipes, I used the main bowl (as well as the handy mini mixer bowl for the pesto).

The advantage of a robot, and there I realized it, is that you pour the ingredients, and then it does the rest! Whether for the scone dough (perfectly homogeneous) or for the polenta (cooked in a few minutes) it's very simple. For the pesto rosso, it was the same, everything in the blender and in a few moments we obtain a creamy pesto to perfection.

Magimix Robot Cook Expert - Test & Review Lilie Bakery

Magimix Robot Cook Expert - Test & Review Lilie Bakery


Verdict? The scones were delicious, their particular texture was very present. Easy to cut also to add whipped cream and homemade jam.

Raisin scones - Test Magimix Cook Expert Lilie Bakery

The polenta was also successful, the creamy and very fragrant pesto rosso also had its little success.

Polenta Pesto Rosso - Test Magimix Cook Expert Lilie Bakery


This type of robot is very useful for those who want a time saving in the kitchen while eating healthy. Here, just follow the directions in the book to make delicious recipes. And of the recipes in the book there are 300! You quickly tame the symbols of the book referring to the accessories to use (color pictograms).

Second positive point, the ease of use of the robot and its accessories: we clip, we program, we unclip, and voila! Special mention to the finish of high-end brushed stainless steel tools (even the maryse) which fits well in the kitchen.

Concretely, opting for a multifunction robot of this type is choosing a high-end all-in-one product (you no longer need a separate mixer, nor a mixer since it also beats the egg whites. ).

His price ? around € 1 on Darty / sure Baker / sure The Amazon

Indeed, it is an investment in the purchase, but it deserves to be considered as a central asset of the kitchen. With him you can do almost anything, from breakfast to dinner. For that, you might as well bet on a French brand that has proven itself.

And you, do you already have it?

(article written in collaboration with Magimix)




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    November 3, 2016

    I've been cooking with it every day for a year! It's great and its expert mode is great because it allows you to adapt all recipes ^^ I love it :)

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    November 3, 2016

    We have the old version of Magimix and we don't really like: too many dishes for the slightest operation (mixing, grating carrots) and when it comes to kneading pasta, that's really not it.
    Maybe this new version has improved the thing a little.
    So we went back to the Kenwood chef and his blender extension, super practical!