Sweet Table "Total Pink"!

I (finally) embarked on the realization of a sweet table!

What an adventure…

I hesitated a bit at the scale of the task (!), But the opportunity was priceless: to celebrate my daughter's first birthday in an unforgettable way.

The color theme was quite obvious to me: pink, pink, pink… Girly what!

So I made a retro-planning, between the purchases of decoration, accessories, ingredients and, of course, the realization of the little sweets, I admit not having seen the time pass ...


My advice:

  1. About 2-3 weeks before the date planned for your sweet table, draw up a small diagram of your future table. This will allow you to know what you need to buy (decoration, accessories, cake dishes…), especially if you buy on the internet, you will have to take into account the delivery times.
  2. Need some ideas? Use Google Images & Pinterest by typing "sweet tables" you will see what some are capable of creating! It's fantastic…
  3. Do not see (too) big. Especially if you decide to do it all on your own. Personally, I spent 3 whole days preparing this sweet table (making the desserts, making the banner and labels, setting up). So allow time for you!
  4. It is better to master your recipes before making your sweet table. The tests are to be forgotten for that day, I think ...
  5. Define 1, 2 or 3 colors that will serve as a red thread to your table. This will create a pretty harmony that will delight the eyes of your guests!
  6. Vary the tastes and textures of your desserts, so that your buffet can please everyone.


On the menu of my sweet table there was therefore:

  • A triple layer cake chocolate & buttercream icing with Swiss meringue flavored with red fruits.

For the cake and icing recipe, I invite you to take a look at my previous article by clicking here. For the icing, simply replace the melted chocolate with 150g of red fruit coulis.

  • Tagada strawberry macaroons

For the recipe for the cockles, this is my usual technique, as explained here.

For the Tagada ganache that will garnish the inside of the shells, nothing could be simpler! Heat 20cl of liquid cream in a saucepan, melt 30g of white chocolate and 150g of Tagada strawberries. The gelatin in the candies will make the ganache set very quickly, it's simple and effective!

  • Chocolate cakes-pops in a pink & white outfit

I went back to my favorite cake pops recipe, here, for the decoration, it is pink Candymelts and white Candymelts decorated with various sprinkles.

  • Vanilla cupcakes & mascarpone-whipped cream icing

For the cupcake recipe, it's by here.

To make the icing, relax 250g of mascarpone with 1/2 tsp of liquid vanilla. Beat 20cl of whole liquid cream (30% fat min.) Into a firm whipped cream. Incorporate this whipped cream into the mascarpone. Line a pastry bag with this mixture and decorate the cupcakes.

  • Marshmallows, Tagadas strawberries for gourmets!


[ Equipment used ]


Bright pink micro sugar balls

Candy Melts WILTON Pistoles

Pink cups with white dots for cupcakes

Pink striped retro paper straws

Pink paper rosettes


December 27, 2012



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    January 12 2013

    she is very beautiful, a very nice job =)

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    January 12 2013

    Very pretty table! The cake looks delicious! I would like to make one, I'm just waiting for the opportunity. :)

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    January 12 2013

    A fabulous table and "perfect" achievements: p… Wowww

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    January 12 2013

    Wow! Great success and what's more, it's pink! Really great !
    Kisses X

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    January 13 2013

    Super nice and really girly! For a first, wow! Thanks for all the info and links! By the way, I don't want to be curious, but I really like the name, it's original. It has an origin… or a pure invention?

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    January 13 2013

    It really makes you want! Everything is very beautiful but I fall for the cake which is magnificent.

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    January 17 2013


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    January 17 2013

    It is splendid this Sweet table, bravo!

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    January 17 2013

    Absolutely sublime! Very nice job !

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    January 18 2013

    This sweet table is very very beautiful, bravo, you did well :) Girly as you wish and with very pretty sweets, I melt :) kisses

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    January 22 2013

    Girly, gorgeous, perfect. In a nutshell: WOAW !!!

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    January 25 2013

    How beautiful these bright colors. Your photos are superb. I love

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    pizza directory

    January 28 2013

    It's very pretty, maybe you should exhibit your creations in a museum: D

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    Sophie Turbigo

    February 9 2013

    Wow, this sweet table is beautiful! Well done !!
    Greedy and regressive as I like ...
    Kisses and good weekend,

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    February 26 2013

    Mmmhh yum yum, beautiful, I want to devour everything ^^