White Chocolate Brownie

White chocolate brownie recipe - Lilie Bakery

A very gourmet dessert to share: the White chocolate brownies ! Both soft and melting, we love its taste of white chocolate, with a hint of vanilla. For even more indulgence when tasting, white chocolate chips are also added...

What You'll Love With This White Chocolate Brownie Recipe

  • Flavor : white chocolate lovers will be delighted! Inside, it's totally white chocolate with a hint of vanilla. Contrary to what one might think, the end result is not too sweet.
  • Texture : depending on the cooking time, you will obtain a more or less melting brownie. No matter the texture obtained, the taste will always be the same.
  • Difficulty level : very easy to prepare and in just a few minutes! You will need a 20cm square mold to bake this white chocolate brownie.
Brownie white chocolate chips - Lilie Bakery

Ingredient details

  • White chocolate : opt for quality pastry white chocolate to have a good taste of white chocolate in the final brownie.
  • eggs : they are used to bring texture to the brownie, which has little flour. Bring the goods to room temperature before beginning the recipe.
  • white chocolate chips : it is now easily found in the pastry department of the supermarket.

How to make a white chocolate brownie?

  1. Start by melting the white chocolate and butter together.
  2. Separately, beat the eggs with the powdered sugar and vanilla.
  3. Add the cooled melted white chocolate.
  4. Add the flour and salt and finally the white chocolate chips.
  5. Just before baking the brownie, I always add a few white chocolate chips on top.

PS: find the complete recipe at the bottom of the page.

My tips for making your brownie perfectly successful

  • line your mold with baking paper (two intersecting sheets) makes it very easy to unmold the brownie.
  • to obtain a very smooth white chocolate, melt it in short intervals in the microwave. Otherwise it risks cooking and therefore hardening…
  • do not over mix the dough brownie once the flour has been added, this allows you to have an optimal texture after cooking.

How to taste the white chocolate brownie?

Of course, you can eat the brownie on its own, by cutting it into squares it's very easy! For even more indulgence, you can serve the white chocolate brownie with scoops of ice cream…

White chocolate brownie - Lilie Bakery

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Brownie white chocolate and nuggets - Lilie Bakery
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Very Gourmet White Chocolate Brownie

A white chocolate brownie to change from dark chocolate! With its gourmet nuggets and its buttery taste, it's hard to resist...
Prep time15 minutes
Cook time25 minutes
Total40 minutes
Recipe type: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American, French
Keyword: Brownie
Yield: 6 people


  • 110 g white chocolate pastry
  • 150 g unsalted butter
  • 3 eggs at room temperature
  • 150 g granulated sugar
  • 1 cc natural vanilla extract
  • 125 g all-purpose flour
  • 0,25 cc salt
  • 100 g white chocolate chips


  • Preheat the oven to 175° traditional heat. Grease and line a 20cm square mold with baking paper.
  • In a large bowl, melt the butter and crushed white chocolate in the microwave at 20-second intervals (so as not to cook the chocolate). Smooth everything out and let cool.
  • In another container, beat the eggs, powdered sugar and vanilla. Then add the warm chocolate/butter mixture.
  • Add the flour and salt in batches. Mix just enough to have a homogeneous paste (do not over-mix).
  • Keep 2 tbsp of white chocolate chips for decoration, and add the rest to the dough. Gently fold in with a spatula, do not overmix.
  • Pour the batter into the mold, smooth. Sprinkle with remaining chocolate chips. Bake for about 25 minutes (depending on your oven). Insert a wooden skewer to know if the cooking is finished: it should come out dry or with a few crumbs. (If you like very fudgy brownies, you can reduce the baking time slightly).
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  1. Reply


    September 11, 2022

    What brand of white chocolate do you recommend?
    Always disappointed with white chocolate cakes (purchased in supermarkets)
    thanks in advance

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      September 12, 2022

      Hello Emily, for the desserts/bavarois with white chocolate I use the Callebaut brand here: https://amzn.to/3U10t58
      For this recipe (the brownie) I used Vahiné nuggets and Nestlé dessert white chocolate (supermarket). The end result is very good. Of course you can take Callebaut for that brownie too.

  2. Reply


    April 26th

    5 stars
    Great recipe thank you. It changes from the most usual dark or milk chocolate brownies ++++ :-)

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      April 29th

      Thank you Anne-Flo for your feedback! It changes indeed, it is a very original flavor! See you soon :)

  3. Reply

    Good luck

    September 30, 2023

    5 stars
    Good evening Lily
    Another success and what a melting pot
    Thank you for these divine recipes
    Good luck

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      2th October, 2023

      Thank you Fatema for your feedback! Impossible to resist its texture, you're right! See you soon :)

  4. Reply


    11th November 2023

    5 stars
    Very good recipe, thank you ☺️

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      14th November 2023

      Thank you very much for your feedback Ema! See you soon :)

  5. Reply


    30th November 2023

    What is the difference between white chocolate blondie and this brownie? Texture?

  6. Reply


    December 21, 2023

    5 stars
    I really like your brownie THANK YOU

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      December 21, 2023

      Thank you very much Meyline for your feedback! I'm glad you like the brownie, see you soon :)

  7. Reply


    15th February 2024

    It is not cooked after 25 minutes... I put it back for 10 or more

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      16th February 2024

      The more you cook a brownie, the less tender it will be when eaten, it must remain tender otherwise it is a cake that you obtain. This is what you see in my photos, the inside remains melting. See you soon :)

  8. Reply


    13th May 2024

    5 stars
    A real delight, soft and not too sweet, it was a hit with my friends!!

    • Reply

      Lilie bakery

      15th May 2024

      Thank you very much Camille! See you soon :)


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